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ColdFusion and white space

If you are a ColdFusion developer, you most probably know by now that it produces lots of white space in the generated HTML file. The extraneous white space may result in a larger file size which leads to slower download speed on the client machines. So, how to get rid of this extraneous white space? First, learn how to use the following CFML tags, then use them in your code:

  • <cfsilent>: Suppresses output produced by CFML within a tag’s scope.
  • <cfsetting enableCFoutputOnly = "Yes">: blocks output of HTML that is outside cfoutput tags.
  • <cfcomponent output = "no">: constructor code is processed as if it were within a cfsilent tag.
  • <cffunction … output = "no">: the function is processed as if it were within a cfsilent tag
  • <cfcontent reset = "yes">: discards output that precedes call to cfcontent

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