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Sun Builds a Fortress for Scientists

Sun Microsystems is developing a technical language called Fortress that is envisioned as a successor to Fortran, although the new language will not be ready for at least another five years. The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is helping fund the development of Fortress in the hope that the language will ultimately produce technologies for government and industrial applications. In April of this year Guy Steele Jr., Sun fellow and principal investigator for the programming languages research group, introduced the Fortress language at the Sun Labs Day. Steele said that Fortress will make extensive use of libraries, thus making the language “growable” and flexible. “Whenever we’re tempted to add a feature to the language, we ask ourselves, “Could this feature be provided by a library instead?” Steele said. He explained that Fortress will be similar to Java in that it compiles application components into platform-independent bytecode before runtime while interpreting parts of the application at execution. The language will attempt to be a leader in the field of symbolic programming of equations, and Steele predicts that scientists and mathematicians will be more productive by making programs resemble equations.
Source (via ACM)

Filed in Technology on 16 Jun 05

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