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Flash CFFORM Gotcha

I had a problem with a flash CFFORM. It would not show up in Internet Explorer. However, Firefox had no problem displaying it. The flash form was part of an application using the Mach-II framework (which I’m converting now to Model-Glue). I had a general layout template in which I included the body of the main page. My layout template was like this (simplified here for demonstration purposes):

 <tr><td>My header here</td></tr>

The variable “content” contained my flash form. The above did not work in IE as the form refused to show up. So, I moved the “content” from outside the <table> tag and put it in a <div> tag like this:

 <tr><td>My header here</td></tr>

And, magically, the flash form displayed in IE without any problem. The issue was, and still is, that IE won’t render plugins inside of a <table> tag.

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Reader's Comments

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    I had the same problem.

    Give the cfform tag a height and width and IE should render.

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    Thanks for sharing your tip JG.