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Oracle Firefox search plugin

Up in the top right corner of Firefox, there’s a handy search box that puts search engines at your fingertips. When you download Firefox, a number of searches (like Google, Yahoo, and Ebay) are included but you can easily add more.

Search Plugin

Because I find myself quite frequently using to search the Oracle documentation, I created my own Firefox search plugin to do just that, search the Oracle documentation. You can download, install and use my search plugin from here. The search plugin will only work in Mozilla Firefox. If you do not use Firefox, now is a great time to switch and use this great browser along with the other 75,000,000 users.

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    Great job, Eddie. Very useful tool, this.

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    Like it! Thanks very much.

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    Another search plug-in that might be useful is the OraFAQ plug-in –

    Best regards.


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    Hi! Yes it very useful. I like it.


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    Great plug-in, very useful.


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    thank you very much, it will be very useful on a daily basis eric

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    Thanks!! Great tool!

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    Neat plugin. Very Handy. Keep it up 🙂


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    […] Eddie Awad has created a plugin for Firefox which lets you search the Oracle documentation. Read his posting: Oracle Firefox search plugin. Have a look at the plugin, adding a search engine to Firefox is amazingly simple. It’s not even a real plugin, it’s just some lines of javascript code. […]

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    Hi Eddie,

    Thanks for the plugin.

    Here is another simple method:

    Add following link as bookmark and while bookmarking in the ‘Keyword’ field, give some short code…say oradoc.

    This will allow you to search directly from the address bar, instead of going to the search field. Just type the keyword followed by the search string:

    oradoc sys_context oradoc alter table


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    Thanks Uday. That’s a pretty neat trick using bookmark keywords.

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    This is a good and usefull tool..

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    Tool and tip of Uday both are cool.. Thanks

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    […] Following the Search Plugins for askTom and Oracle Docs, I created a search plugin for the Amis Technology Blog. […]

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    […] Even though the “Format results into a virtual book” has always been an option for displaying Oracle documentation search results, I have never paid attention to it until Tom Kyte mentioned it in his latest podcast. After trying out this option a couple of times, I noticed that it could easily be converted to a Firefox search plugin. Unlike my other Oracle documentation search plugin, this one is version specific. I have created three search plugins, one for Oracle DB version 8.1.7, one for 9.2 and another for 10.2. The result of the search is directly formatted into a virtual book. […]

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    Thanks, I like it!

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    […] Similar to my other two Firefox search plugins (found here and here), I have now created a plugin to search Metalink (as promised). You can download it from here. […]

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    […] Another option is to use my Oracle Docs Firefox search plugin. In the Firefox search box (top right corner), I make sure that Oracle Docs is selected, I type in what I am looking for then hit enter (usually I hit Alt+Enter to open the result in a new tab). […]

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    Nice plugin, thanks! I’ll use it. 🙂