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New look and features

You may have noticed that my blog has a new look. It is based on the the Crimson Milk WordPress Theme. In addition to having a new look, I have enabled the following new features on this site:

  1. Similar to the new Google personalized home page, you can now hide and rearrange the boxes in the sidebar. All the customization you do to the boxes in the sidebar will be saved in a cookie and and reapplied on subsequent page views. Go ahead, try it.

  2. There is a permanent “Poll” box in the sidebar, based on the WordPress plugin Democracy AJAX Poll. I will be frequently creating new polls. Go ahead, cast your vote.

  3. There is now a live chat box in the sidebar, based on the WordPress plugin Ajax Shoutbox. You can chat with other visitors of this site, or just leave a message. This all done without even refreshing your browser. Go ahead, leave your mark.

Hope you like this new stuff.

Many thanks to Andrew Sutherland for his theme and plugins.

Filed in Interesting on 07 Aug 05

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    I like the new setup, especially the ability to move aroud the boxes. This is cool.