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AskTom down

I went to this morning and I was greeted by the ORA-01688 error. Take a look:

AskTom down

Coincidentally I was trying to read a thread titled: Stress test

Now, it looks like the site is back up and running.

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    come on — it was off for like 5 minutes before I fixed it!!


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    AskTom is so valuable to many people, including myself, even a 5 minute downtime gets noticed rather quickly. 🙂

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    It wasn’t down for 5 mins!! It was down for almost 5 hours. If you look at the tkyte blog, the message there was posted at 02:29:20 AM EST and it was fixed almost at 6:00 AM EST(By my estimate). Of course, even Tom needs to sleep 🙂

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    Oops! looks like I jumped the gun a bit! This is obviously an old post!! Sorry about that!