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Some Oracle professionals swear by SQL Plus, others just don’t even use it. There are a lot of tools out there for interacting with the Oracle database (and other databases as well) that serve as an alternative for SQL Plus; to name a few:

Personally, I use both SQL Plus (command line version) and SQL Navigator. Why SQL Navigator? Because that’s the standard Oracle SQL and PL/SQL development tool the company I work for has adopted. SQL Navigator is not a bad tool, with the exception of a few bugs here and there. It does make developing and debugging PL/SQL programs faster. On the other hand, I use SQL Plus for testing and running SQL scripts locally on my machine. I do think that SQL Plus is the de-facto standard for writing and executing SQL scripts because it is available with every Oracle installation. If you have Oracle, you have SQL Plus. Just out of curiosity, Do you use a third party tool to help with your database and SQL development?

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    Hi, check out PL/SQL Developer as well – a good alternative for development (much lower price than toad): For DBA-Tasks i feel it not so well suited. BR, Martin

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    Did you re-format your blog again? It’s nice. I liked the most recent one, too.

    I use SQL*Plus. I work on a lot of client’s systems, and that is the only common app in all of them. Plus you can use it with just a Unix connection, no need for Windows.

    Even in my home development environment I either use SQL*Plus or the worksheet.

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    Did you re-format your blog again?

    Yes, I did. The old one, even though it was nice and cool, but it was heavy with JavaScript and background images, and as a result slower. The current theme is lighter and faster. Glad you like this one too Robert.

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    I use SQL*Plus a lot, but sometimes use iSQL*Plus, and also JDeveloper.

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    I use PL/SQL Developer. It is fantastic for development use.

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    I am using SQL*Plus and PL/SQL Developer (even for some DBA tasks)

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    EZ SQL was a slick little interface to Oracle. It’s no longer supported, though. The guy who wrote it was hired by Quest. Eventually, I’ll have to switch to TOAD.

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    SQL Tools is a robust FREE tool for Oracle databases available from

    I’m a DBA, not a developer, but it handles many of the things I need to do with ease. Another plus is that it runs stand-alone without installing (provided you have an oracle client of course).

    The latest version on the website is listed as “beta”, but has been stable for me.

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    I’m mostly a TOAD person – SQL Navigator’s endless drill downs to get to object info is maddening. TOAD’s tab interface seems quicker to get to what I want. Command line SQL Plus for long running scripts and iSQLplus in a pinch. I’ve even used SQLPal on a keychain drive In places where installing an Oracle client is a problem (uses Java).

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    I’ve just revisited JDeveloper after a two year absence. It’s developing into a quite acceptable Toad/SqlPuss/etc alternative!

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    I keep hearing that SQL Navigator is being phased out. Any comments?

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    I have not heard that SQL Navigator is being phased out. However, I have heard that Quest Software is more actively developing TOAD than SQL Nav.

    There is a related thread on the oradev mailing list, read it here. If you have not done so, I also suggest you subscribe to the oradev mailing list, you can do so here.

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