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It is my turn now

I’m heading to China tomorrow for a two week vacation. I’ll be visiting my parents in law in Shanghai. It’ll be my second visit to China. My first visit was in 2000. I went to Hong Kong and Beijing. I hated Beijing. It is the most polluted city in the world, at least that’s how it was in 2000.

Most probably I will have Internet access while I’m on vacation. Humm! That sounds like an oxymoron: Internet, vacation. But hey, what will I be doing when everybody starts talking Chinese? Either I sit like an idiot, smiling and nodding my head, or fire up my laptop and start surfing. The choice is clear. Of course, I’ll be visiting lots of exciting places and eating lots of weird food (no dogs, I promise), and of course, taking lots of pictures.

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    Have a good trip! I visited Shanghai on a personal trip last autumn, and would love to return.

    Beijing’s atmosphere will have to change for the Olympics. It will be a different city then.

    Does your wife speak Wu? This was one of the surprises of Shanghai for me, the spoken tongue was quite different from Mandarin, lovely to listen to, but I had no clue…. πŸ˜‰

    It will be interesting to see if you can find blocks on internet access.

    Enjoy your trip! 8)

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    Does your wife speak Wu?
    Yes, she does (Wu = Shanghainese). Of course, she speaks English too, otherwise, I would have to learn Wu :), which is extremely hard, even though my native language is Arabic, which maybe is the second hardest language to learn.

    It will be interesting to see if you can find blocks on internet access
    If I do, I will report it here.

    Enjoy your trip
    Thanks, I will.

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    Don’t go looking too hard for internet blocks, you never know who’s listening πŸ™‚

    Have a good one!


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    Good advice, if they are blocking, then most probably they are tracking. I will just go about my usual surfing habit and see what happens.

    Thanks Tim.

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    Don’t worry about the blocks – they are easy to find and no one seems to be watching.

    For example, go look for Tom Kyte’s blog – it’s blocked. Not because the Communist Party considers Oracle a threat to one party rule but because they have blocked all Blogspot blogs.

    They are pretty inconsistant however – they left Typepad alone (perhaps someone important invested in them?)

    I just moved from Shanghai to Shenzhen. I suggest that if anyone does try to take you to a dog hotpot you go along and sample it – it’s not bad.

    Also, if you like spicy food, there’s an awesome Hunan restaurant on Jiangsu Lu and Yu Yuan Lu catty corner from Zhaofeng Dasha… Small place but people come from all over Shanghai for the pig feet…

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    Mike, thanks for the great tips. I’m not sure about the dog hotpot though, however, we will try to make it to that Hunan restaurant you suggested.

    That’s too bad all blogspot blogs have been blocked, that’s almost half of the Oracle bloggers. I will try nonetheless.

    Now, I have to finish up packing and go get some sleep. We will be flying early tomorrow — Thanks again.

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    Enjoy your trip :)!