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Cheaper gas and blogspot block

I am enjoying my vacation in Shanghai, China. It’s a totally different world here. One of the things I’ve noticed is the price of gas. I took this picture today:

gas price in China

We paid 4.03 Chinese yuan per liter, that’s approximately 2 USD per gallon. When I left the US, gas was around 3 USD per gallon. I wonder why gas is cheaper in China!

One other thing I’ve noticed is that is blocked in China. Mike Friedman warned me about this. With unreachable, I won’t be able to follow many of my favorite Oracle and ColdFusion blogs. Oh well! I guess I’ll spend less time on the Internet and more time vacationing.

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    Lucky men ! In France, The litter coast 1,49 euros !

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    I agree, you are all very lucky! I Norway the price has varied from ca. $6.50-$7.43 pr. US gallon (10.70-12.24 NOK pr. liter) the latest half year (maybe even higher in the north of Norway without me noticing it).

    When the price is 10.97 NOK/liter, 7 NOK is some sort of tax (“gas tax”, “CO2 tax” and v.a.t.).

    1 US Gallon = 3.791 liters 1 $ = 6.24 NOK (today)

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    In Sydney the price is hovering around AUS$1.38 a litre. That would be AUS$5.23 a gallon, or around US$4 a gallon.

    Report from this time last year says that 60% of the price is tax.

    I guess China has a lower tax on petrol (if any), but I think also the Yuan doesn’t ‘float’ against other currencies, so the exchange rate is distorted.

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    One reason for the cheap price is subsidy. The government is actually subsidizing the retail price so it can be kept artificially low for general consumer.

    In Indonesia for example, it is officially Rp 2400 per liter now, which is about 24 US cents a liter, or 90 US cents a gallon. Even so, it is considered expensive for local standard, as many earn about US$1-2/day.

    With oil prices skyrocketing, not many poor nation can keep this subsidy for long….

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    1,52 euros per litre this morning in France… With 70% taxes ! does anybody have a better proposition ?

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    […] Internet blocking. There is no online freedom. Many internet sites are blocked throughout China. […]

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    […] Back when I was in China a few weeks ago, blogs hosted on Google’s blogspot were not accessible as they were blocked by the Chinese government. But, based on this InfoWorld article, China has now opened up access to Google’s service. Google is apparently expanding not only in the USA but also in China. (via) […]

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    $3.21 at he cheap place in San Francisco. The only way to beat high gas prices is by using less. If you can’t afford to buy a new car there are alot of things that you can do to any vehicle to improve fuel economy by as much as 25% . It should be noted that china will be consuming a great deal more of the worlds oil as it’s “middle class” begins to buy vehicles.

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    Norwegian prices converted to US:

    8.4 U.S. dollars per US gallon or 12 NOK per litre

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    Over in the south we are paying $4.25 for regular unleaded. The cost of diseal fuel is just another .50 to .75 cents. If gas prices continue to rise which they will, people will have to make changes in their daily routine. No more extra trips to the mall or grocery store. Heck, I even stop going to the gym after work because it’s not on my way back home. I recently read bicycle stores are seeing and influx of sales along with scooters, and car-pooling. Lifestyles are changing because of this. I wonder how far it will go.