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My most important Oracle book

Well, my wait is over and now I have the book. I’m not lucky enough to have it signed by Tom though, maybe volume 2?

Even though the Oracle database has been upgraded from 8i to 10g, looks like Tom’s picture on this book has not, it is the same as the one on expert one-on-one :).

If you do not have the book yet and want to know additional information about “Expert Oracle Database Architecture: 9i and 10g Programming Techniques and Solutions” you can read Tom’s posts and discussions here, here and here.

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    Tom Fox asked: is TK’s new book good for a DBA (2 years experience) only or is it geared more toward the developer?

    Tom, I suggest downloading part of the book (via) and reading the section “Who Should Read This Book”.

    I have just started reading Chapter 1 “Developing Successful Oracle Applications”, so, I cannot comment on the entire book. But, I can tell you that some parts of the book are more relevant to DBAs other parts are more relevant to developers. Developers and DBAs are often required to interact with each other in some way or another, so, an understanding of each other’s roles and tasks and how things are done and why makes that interaction easier and more productive. In my opinion, since the understanding of the Oracle database architecture is not limited to developers only or to DBAs only, I do believe that this book is going to be useful for both.

    Finally, as Tom Kyte puts it: “Ultimately, [the book’s] goal is to help DBAs and developers work together to build correct, high-performance, and scalable Oracle applications”.

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    Hopefully my copy would have arrived today when I get home from work. told me that it was shipped Nov 27 and I should have gotten it Nov 28th.

    Postage was higher for me (>$6.00) as I am in Canada. One of my DBAs got his already.

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