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Oracle Metalink Firefox search plugin

Similar to my other two Firefox search plugins (found here and here), I have now created a plugin to search Metalink (as promised). You can download it from here.

Note that you need to login to Metalink in order to get results. Once logged in – and as long as you do not exit your Firefox browser – you do not need to keep the Metalink site open and you do not need to log in again every time you search. Enjoy!

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Reader's Comments

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    Thanks a lot for the plugin, Eddie!

    Cheers Amar

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    Thanks Eddie, again very nice!

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    Now that Firefox 1.5 is out and they have a new domain (, do you know if these plugins are compatible with 1.5?

    I’m going to test them soon, but our baby is coming, and I’m running out of time.

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    Tom, the plugins are compatible with Firefox 1.5. If they do not show up on your list of search engines after you upgrade to FF 1.5, you may need to re-install them. Congratulations on your baby!

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    Hi Eddi – the Oracle news Extension does nor work with firefox 1.5 some ideas?

    With kind reagards Carl

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    Carl, I’m working on it (just not full time). Expect a new version of the Oracle News extension that is compatible with Firefox 1.5 sometime in the near future. I cannot promise a date, it depends on my work load.

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    people say it’s more stupid not to ask so here i go,

    I assume the metalink search plugin requires of my metalink account doesn’t it?

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    Duo, your assumption is correct. You need to have a Metalink account.

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    great plugin, thanks a lot, man!