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The Oracle Resources Book

Triggered by Francois’s comment, I have created a new collaborative book on oradot: The Oracle Resources Book. This is an online book that you can contribute to and I urge you to do so. The more Oracle community members add information to this book, the more useful it becomes. There are a lot of Oracle information out there in the cyberspace and the Oracle Resources Book should not re-invent the wheel in my opinion, rather than, at the least, point the Oracle professionals and newbies to the right direction.

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Reader's Comments

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    have you considered just using the cooperative Oracle FAQ?

    rather than YAR (yet another resource 🙂

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    Tom, When I created the Oracle Resources Book, I did not have “FAQ” in my mind. The book is not intended for questions and answers, at least that’s what I had in mind when I created it. There are a few excellent Oracle FAQ sites out there, one of them is the one you just mentioned and I can think of another one too: It’s those links that should go into the Oracle Resources Book, not the questions and answers.