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Free Oracle Database 10g

I bet that you did not believe your eyes when you saw the two words “Free” and “Oracle” right next to each other, did you? Well, it happened a few hours ago. Oracle has now a “freebie” database of the 10g version, the Oracle Database 10g Express Edition. So what is Oracle Database 10g Express Edition? According to this tutorial (via Sergio):

Oracle Database 10g Express Edition (Oracle Database XE) is a free, downloadable version of the world’s most capable relational database.

Oracle Database XE is easy to install and easy to manage. With Oracle Database XE, you use the Database Home Page, an intuitive browser-based interface, to administer the database; create tables, views, and other schema objects; import, export, and view table data; run queries and SQL scripts; and generate reports.
Oracle Database XE includes Oracle HTML DB 2.1, a declarative, graphical development environment for creating database-centric Web applications. In addition to HTML DB 2.1, you can use popular Oracle and third-party languages and tools to develop your Oracle Database XE applications.

According to this CRN article:

Oracle Database XE is limited to use on one-processor machines and handles up to four gigabytes of user data and up to one gigabyte of memory. It is not under the General Public License (GPL) prevalent in open-source software but it touts “open-source like” characteristics. ISVs can embed it in their products and redistribute it freely.

Very interesting. MySQL, SQL Server Express et al, watch out…

You can download Oracle Database XE from OTN.

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    I assume that HTMLDB 2.1 is still beta as well as XE, since I cannot find any information about 2.1 anywhere.

    Also for supported/unsupported features, here’s a good list.

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    “XE comes with HTML DB 2.1 built in. This version of HTML DB is based on HTML DB 2.0 and is nearly identical. I say “nearly” because it doesn’t use workspaces like HTML DB in Standard Edition and Enterprise Edition of the Oracle database.” That’s according to Sergio.

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    I am a 74 year old Boeing retiree. I gained some knowledge of Oricle SQL while at Boeing. I was able to write adhoc report from Boeing’s Oracle maintainability database. Since my retirement I have taken a couple of courses in basic Oricle9i PL/SQL at South West Illinois College. I have Coldfusion and Mysql on my computer and I would also like to an Qracle database but I am a little bit frightened. Will you help me with some advise? I have no financial aspirations, I just want stay in touch.

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    Thomas, I hope I will have the enthusiasm to “stay in touch” when I’m 74.

    I suggest you download and install Oracle XE and start playing with it. The documentation is a big help. There is nothing to be afraid of 🙂