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Oracle Strengthens Security Offerings

Oracle announced two “security” acquisitions today: Thor Technologies and OctetString. Here is part of the e-mail which I received a few minutes ago from Thomas Kurian, Senior Vice President, Oracle Server Technologies and Hasan Rizvi, Vice President, Oracle Security & Identity Management:

Earlier today, Oracle announced the addition of two best-in-class product solutions to our industry-leading Oracle Identity Management solution. We want to take this opportunity to inform you, our customers and partners, about these important additions to our product suite and the benefits we expect these new products to offer you.

Oracle has acquired Thor Technologies to provide an enterprise-wide user provisioning solution to our customers. Today, many organizations manage security privileges for thousands of users across dozens of mission critical information systems and enterprise applications. Thor Technologies’ user provisioning solution automates the process of creating, monitoring, and managing users, their accounts, and the associated security privileges in these systems. It can help you lower the cost of user and password administration within your organization, can protect you against security vulnerabilities, and can improve your ability to audit and track compliance with regulatory and organization-wide security policies.

Oracle has also acquired OctetString to provide a Virtual Directory solution to our customers. Today, most organizations manage user profile information in a variety of different stores—LDAP directories, databases, X.500 repositories, and other systems. Each of these systems may in turn have a partial definition of a specific user’s profile. OctetString’s Virtual Directory solution provides the ability to dynamically create a single point of administration for user profiles across these systems. It can also help you lower the cost of security administration and protect you against security vulnerabilities.

In addition to these acquisitions, our product development organization has been working actively to make our Oracle Identity Management solution the best in the industry. We are taking an application-centric approach, building identity management functions into enterprise applications and business processes and delivering this capability as part of Oracle Fusion Middleware. Oracle’s Identity Management product offering, the broadest in the industry, now includes access control/single sign on, identity administration, identity federation, user provisioning, directory and virtual directory services, web services security and management, and database security solutions. Over the summer, we have also completed certifying these solutions with Oracle Database 10g, Fusion Middleware 10g, E-Business Suite 11.5.X, PeopleSoft 8.47, and JD Edwards 8.95. Moreover, all these solutions work in “real world” environments, supporting a broad array of heterogeneous systems, packaged applications, and industry standards…

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