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Oracle Docs Firefox Extension

I often find myself searching the Oracle documentation library for a particular term mentioned in the Oracle related blog or technical article that I am reading. Firefox is my favorite browser, so, for my search, I have a couple of options.

One option is to open up a new tab (Ctrl+t), type in in the address bar and hit enter, then type in what I am searching for then hit enter again.

Another option is to use my Oracle Docs Firefox search plugin. In the Firefox search box (top right corner), I make sure that Oracle Docs is selected, I type in what I am looking for then hit enter (usually I hit Alt+Enter to open the result in a new tab).

Now, there is even an easier and quicker way to search the Oracle documentation, the Oracle Docs Firefox Extension.

After you install the extension, you will be able to Alt+Click on any word in the web page you are reading to immediately search Oracle documentation for that word. Yes, it is as simple as an Alt+Click.

Moreover, the extension will add an option “Search Oracle Docs” to the menu that pops up when you right click the mouse. Selecting “Search Oracle Docs” will search Oracle documentation for the word you right clicked on.

If you want to search for more than one word, like for example ” initially deferred “, you can do that too. Just highlight the words and then right click on the highlight, select “Search Oracle Docs For …” and voila.

If you still want to type in your search criteria, you can still do that. The extension adds a sidebar to Firefox. Either hit Alt+O (which I find very handy) or, from the browser’s menu, select View – Sidebar – Oracle Docs Search.

You can type in whatever you want right there. This is similar to the search plugin I mentioned above. Or you can search within a specific version.

The Oracle Docs Firefox extension is compatible with all versions of Firefox, starting with 1.0 and including 1.5.

To install the Oracle Docs Firefox Extension:

  1. From within Firefox, click this install link.
  2. You may need to allow to install extensions into Firefox.
  3. Follow the directions.
  4. Once the installation is complete, restart Firefox.

Firefox will automatically check for updates to the extension, and prompt you if a new version is available.

Known issues: I have heavily borrowed from the extension, and as a result, both extensions, if installed together, may not function properly.

To Do:

  • Add database versions to the options and allow you to set a default version for your search.
  • Add result formatting to the options and allow you to set a default format, like a virtual book for example.

Updated November 26, 2005: Modified the sidebar to allow you to search within a specific database version and set different search options.

For suggestions and feedback, please comment below.

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Reader's Comments

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    Great!! Thanks carl

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    You liked this Firefox extension development job :-).

  3. |

    Yas, I would not call it a “job”. It’s just a hobby to satisfy my own curiosity and needs. Something I do on a Sunday afternoon when and if I have the time.

    Moreover, that’s the beauty of open source. You do not have to re-invent the wheel. You can modify what’s existing out there to suit your needs, or you can create something and let others extend it.

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    Sure, i love the open source philosophy. I also developed a few search plugins to search some dictionaries for myself.

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    Oracle Docs Firefox Extension

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    It’s nice but not compatible with firefox 3.0.2