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The OTN Effect

I have noticed a surge in the number of visitors to my blog since yesterday. It is more than double the traffic on any normal day.

After looking at my web statistics, I noticed that the extra traffic is coming from OTN. My Oracle Firefox extensions and plugins have been featured on OTN’s home page under the Blogs and Opinion section.

This reminds me of last August, when Tom Kyte linked to my blog from AskTom’s home page.

The effect was similar. I guess Oracle find my Firefox extensions and plugins useful. Thanks guys.

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Reader's Comments

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    Your blog entry was also circulated on an Oracle internal email discussion list for mozilla users, so that might have contributed to the hits.

    Very useful plugins btw πŸ™‚


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    Thanks for this insider information Brian. I appreciate it.

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    Sometimes I notice “Secondary Effects” when a blog that points to mine gets a spike. I noticed it once with Lisa Dobson after UKOUG, and I’m noticing it from your blog now. It’s like a ripple effect.

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    Rob, it’s also like “on spike cascade” πŸ™‚