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If you’ve been looking around for a free blogging platform to publish your great ideas (or move your current blog), and you like to try out something new and different, may be what you’re looking for.

Previously, in order to get a blog on you had to have an invitation. But now it’s open to the public. I like WordPress, in fact this very blog is powered by WordPress.

On another note, It’s Thanksgiving tomorrow here in the US. So, enjoy your turkeys everyone and have a safe Holiday.

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    So far, so good. I snapped one of these up when I was looking for a link site for work (to pass along interesting things I’d seen). Just wish they had more styles you could use. Been working pretty go so far though.

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    Even though has less functionality than a full install of the software on your server, it does offer at least the essential tools (for free). By the way Gray, your blog looks nice.

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    Just a quick note to say thank you so much for your invaluable advice on my blog about configuring WordPress on my own server… particularly the bit about implementing ‘mail-back’, which is something a lot of the users of my previous blog specifically mentioned was a really nice thing to have. So the fact that they can keep having it is really nice. I liked the advice on permalinks, too.

    Happy Thanksgiving, anyway.

  4. | is excellent with full control over everything. However, I am lazy and prefer someone else to create the templates, write plugins, do the PHP hosting so I am deliriously happy over at