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The world’s largest database runs Oracle

In a recent press release, Winter Corporation, a leading center of expertise in database scalability, announced the results of the 2005 Winter TopTen Program, a survey of the world’s largest and most heavily used databases. Here are some interesting facts:

  • Yahoo! has the largest database. The 100.4 TB Unix-based data warehouse infrastructure runs the Oracle database.
  • The largest OLTP system is Land Registry for England and Wales. The 23.1 TB system employs IBM DB2 Universal database.
  • UPS shipping system achieved a peak workload of 1.1 billion SQL statements per hour. UPS uses IBM DB2 Universal Database.
  • The largest Windows data warehouse is 19.5 TB.
  • The number of records topped 2.8 trillion.
  • Linux appears as a platform for large databases.

The survey results show the dominance of Linux/Unix and Oracle for large databases.

Speaking of large databases, does anyone know what database Google uses? I suspect it should be more than 100 TB.

Update: Matt sent me the following interesting document: The Google File System.

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    Google actually wrote their own database for their servers. Its an awesome cluster, I’ll email you a doc I have on it. Talk about true grid computing.

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    Its actually more of a custom file system than a database.

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    I got the Google doc Matt. Thanks. Now I’ll go read it…

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    google have there own database and there own custom global file system. the database is used for indexing the file system.

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    Can I have that document too ?? eldesoky atserver gmail dotdot com


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    Hi, last week i had training on SAP and IBM UDB database. In this lessen i heared about a custumer which will have a SAP BW > 100 TB! So i am not sure if oracle drives the largest database.

    The largest Table i ever heard was at the Dutsche Bank (DB2/OS390) with 499,000,000 Rows.

    Regards Carl

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    Interesting. Sometime ago I read in New York Times that Pentagon has the biggest database in the world followed by Walmart.

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    Actually, DataTree which is a subsidiary of The First American Corporation, a Fortune 500 company dealing with Real Estate services, has the largest database in the world. Not sure what DB they’re running but it is 210 Terabytes of information 🙂

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    Hi Matt,

    I’ll appreciate it if you could send me a copy of the doc on Google database.

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    Hi Matt,

    I’d love a copy of the google database doc as well. Thanks allot in advance.

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    I assure you that many Oracle tables are well above the 499m mark you provided. I worked for a small software company with sevaral 900m+ tables, easily in the trillions by now.

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    Hi Matt, Been wondering how the Google database works… so I’d also love a copy of that Google database doc…

    Email: cigar(at)mbnet(dot)fi

    Thanks a lot in advance!

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    Hi Matt,

    Interested to know about Google Database Technology. Can you please share the copy with me.

    Thanks, Pranay

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    Missed mailid in previous message.

    Thanks, Pranay

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    Hi Matt,

    I am fresher to IT,Interested to know about Google Database Technology. Can you please share the copy with me.

    Thanks, Manoj

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    Here is a link to the document: The Google File System.

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    Hi Matt,

    Can you please mail me a copy of the google database tecnology. My email is

    Thanks , Pranay

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    Hi Matt, Can I have documents about google’s database. I am eager to read it. Thanks, – Sujit

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    Hi Matt,

    Please send me google database technology document on

    Thanks & Regards, – Sujit

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    Largest database would be the Stanford Linear Accelerator, which in 2003 had over 800 TB. not sure how big it is now as the platform (Teradata) did not participate in the 2005 Winter awards that this story references. They were number 1 in the 2003 awards though under Database Size Hybrid (total size of query accessible on all media)

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    Hi Matt

    Pls send me the the doc abt google database on

    Thanks in advance


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    I am keen to know about Google. I would like to see the copy of Google database doc.Kindly send it to my email ID Thanks in advance..