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My favorite Firefox keyboard shortcuts

Here are my favorite Firefox keyboard shortcuts. I find them very useful because they make my browsing experience faster and easier. They are also handy especially when I am tired of using the mouse. In no particular order:

  • Ctrl+K = Select the search bar
  • Ctrl+Down/Up arrow = Change search engine while in the search bar
  • Ctrl+L = Select the location bar
  • Ctrl+ Enter= Complete a .com address while in the location bar
  • / = Find as you type text
  • ‘ = Find as you type link
  • F5 = Refresh
  • Ctrl+Tab = Switch tabs
  • Ctrl+T = New Tab
  • Ctrl+W = Close Tab

and here is a bonus one:

If Firefox is your browser of choice and you do not use keyboard shortcuts, you may want to give them a try. However, it may take a while to break your “mouse” habit. But once you do, you’ll never look back.

For a complete list of Firefox keyboard shortcuts, visit Mozilla.

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Reader's Comments

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    Don’t forget these:

    Shift+Enter = wrap domain with www. and .net (so for, type awads and hit Shift+Enter)

    Ctrl+Shift+Enter = Same as above, but uses .org instead

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    woww..great list…please see my keyboard shortcut collection..maybe we can share something..

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    Note it’s the straight single quote ‘ to search only links, in your list it looks like the backtick `.

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    John, thanks for the clarification. Somehow WordPress does not display the single quote correctly. It is the key that also has the double quote, between the semicolon and the Enter keys on my keyboard.