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Shop till you drop

Yesterday, on the way back from work, I was stuck in a huge traffic jam. The jam was not because of a car accident or because of bad weather (it was just raining) but it was because everyone was heading to the shopping mall (Washington Square mall, in case you live in Portland) which happens to be on my way home. Add to that the normal rush hour traffic, rrrrr! terrible.

This was a living proof that Xmas = Shopping.

Too bad I was not teleworking yesterday. I am today. Yes, I work from home two days a week which is really cool for the main reasons that I avoid traffic and do not need to shave in the morning :). But according to the Wall Street Journal, working at home isn’t the day at the beach office mates imagine.

In any case, Merry Christmas and enjoy the holidays…

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    Merry Christmas to you as well, Eddie. By the way, our daughter was born 12/15 and she’s doing great. Check her out at my site, if you wish.

    Take care,


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    Tom, congratulations on your new baby Madison. She looks really cute.

    That’s it, your life is now changed for ever 🙂

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    Eddie, A sign of how commercialized Xmas has become. Just like everything else, there are extremes. For example, one of our local hotel (the Delta Airport) took down all their Christmas decorations because of a conference happening on Dec 24/25 for a group opposed to the commercialization of Xmas. I think that’s tacky but that’s the other extreme.

    Anyhow, have a great Xmas and wonderful New Year with the family.