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Password Overload

I have a password overload. Everywhere I go on the Net, I have to login. That means I have to memorize dozens of user name and password combinations.

I could just use the same user name and password on all sites, but this is not only insecure but also most of the time not possible because different sites have different requirements for user name and password size and complexity.

Just to give you a taste of what I deal with on a routine basis and what requires me to provide my user name and password:

  • Oracle DB accounts (at least 3)
  • Oracle E-business suite accounts (at least 3)
  • ColdFusion Administrator sites (at least 3)
  • Oracle Collaboration suite accounts
  • Oracle Metalink and OTN
  • Many FTP sites
  • Many Forums
  • Many e-mail accounts
  • A few online banks
  • Many other websites that require registration

And the list goes on.

To solve this problem, there are many software programs and tools that store all of this sensitive information for you. I have been using eWallet for a while. It is not free but I like it. It allows me to store all types of information (not just passwords) on my desktop and on my pocket PC. Stored information is encrypted and password protected (Well, all right, I have to memorize at least one password). Another free alternative is KeePass a free/open-source password manager. Too bad I did not know about KeePass before I bought eWallet.

There are also a few Firefox extensions that will generate high quality passwords for you. One of them is SecurePassword Generator. Also, Firefox has a built-in password manager (Tools – Options – Privacy – Passwords) which I find extremely useful and handy.

I am sure you have the same issue. How do you deal with password overload? What tools do you use?

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    For the Sith, there’s Pastor I like it because it’ll run from my Shuffle. That way my password store isn’t actually on my computer, but on removable media, so it’s easy to move between the desktop and the laptop, heck, since it’ll run from the Shuffle it’s easy to use with any Mac.

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    Keepass, Open Source, Free.

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    Password safe –

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    I’ve used both Password Safe and Keepass. Keepass is superior in terms of features, while password safe is superior in terms of simplicity. I’m using Keepass now. I like the ability to use a hot key for a website and have the username and password automatically typed and submitted.

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    I’ve been using Password Agent for a couple of years now and really like it. The organization system is pretty good, and you can maintain multiple password files (I keep a separate file for each client). All the files are encrypted and it keeps backup copies of the files as you change them. There’s a free version that limits the number of entries you can make, but the paid version is only $25, so not too bad.

    You can get to it at

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    开源Password管理工具 – KeePass

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    […] Personally, I have tens of passwords I need to keep track of. Since I avoid writing passwords down and it is impossible for me to remember them all, I rely primarily on my password manager software and sometimes on my memory when I am faced with “Please enter your user name and password”. Maybe I should try this new APC Biometric Password Manager, or something similar. Share and Enjoy:These icons link to social bookmarking sites where readers can share and discover new web pages. […]

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    I want a password blog

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    A great solution for managing tons of passwords is Secret Server. It’s web-based and allows users to share passwords with their colleagues. Its has AES 256 encryption and a full auditing system of all actions made on passwords. Its free for a single user and they now have a hosted edition which requires no installation and takes seconds to start using.

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    Yup, hate a lot of password. Currently i’m using passwordsafe but also sometimes i’m forget the password to enter the passwordsafe 🙁

    just wonder, i guess a lot of person has same experience with me

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    I want to share how I deal with my passwords. I do not use any software. I converted my passwords into my own codes and write them down on my small book. Even someone see my book but they could not understand the codes.