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Search Oracle Docs and read OraBlogs from Google toolbar

Oracle Internet Explorer users, now it is your turn. With the release of the latest Google toolbar for IE, now it is possible to add custom buttons to the toolbar that will let you visit and search your favorite websites and keep up with interesting feeds. So, I went ahead and created two custom buttons, one for searching Oracle documentation, another for reading Oracle blogs:

The OraBlogs button changes from to when the feed has new items. The feed is checked for new items every 15 minutes.

To see the list of items in the feed, just click on the arrow next to the button:

The OTN button is for searching the Oracle documentation for the text you type into the toolbar search box. You can also search by selecting text on a web page, right clicking on the selected text, selecting “More Search Types” then clicking on OraDocs.

To install the buttons, just click on the following links. If you do not have a compatible version of the Google toolbar, you’ll be prompted to install it. Once the the toolbar has been installed, the custom button will automatically be added.

Add OraDocs custom button to your Google toolbar.

Add OraBlogs custom button to your Google toolbar.

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Reader's Comments

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    too sad I do not have enough right to install gg tb on my pc here.

    Well, on my notebook, i never use that kind of nonoperating system anyway.

    Thanks for the link!

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    Where I work, Google toolbar is blocked too, I cannot download it. So, I download the installer (exe file) at home and bring it with me to work 😉