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coComments Mania

Now imagine this: A centralized list of all the comments you’ve made on other people’s blogs, with a link back to the original blog where you made the comment and all comments posted by others which are related to your original comment. In other words be able to check and be notified about responses to your comments on any blog, all from one place.

Well, imagine no more. With coComment, it’s a dream come true for many blog authors and readers. It is still in Beta and “Invite Only”. I got my invitation code from here. Now, I’ll go on a commenting rampage… 🙂

More info and invitation codes may be found here, here and here.

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Reader's Comments

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    And here! some codes for you and your readers:

    9052-2249-0077 3802-0272-9371 5354-9880-4397 7670-9333-3398 6196-0202-4521

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    Thanks Laurent for the codes and for creating coComments. Nice work!

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    3802-0272-9371 taken :-).

    Cool, i have included the blogbox to my blog to show my comments. Testing.

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    Eddie, I notice that this blog/post title shows up as “(untitled): undefined” within CoComments. Is there something in the WordPress feed settings that would give it a title?

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    William, that’s a known issue with coComment:

    On WordPress, the page title is used to extract the title of the relevant article and of the blog. The standard WordPress setup uses the ‘»’ character for separation of title of blog and article. If on a blog, this is changed, then the extraction fails and the titles will end up as ‘(untitled)’.

    On my blog, the separator is “|” and that’s what apparently throwing coComment off. They need to fix this issue, unless they expect every WordPress blog to have the ‘»’ separator, which is not going to happen.

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    Looks like coComment have fixed the “(untitled)” issue.