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Looks like Oracle is trying to find a new home for Oracle related blogs (as noticed earlier). Here is the latest: is live. Currently, the title of the web page is: It Worked!

Moreover, it looks like it’s a mix of Oracle employees and non-employees blogs, same list found on OTN. I believe this is still a work in progress since I have not seen or heard any official announcement from Oracle related to this new site.

Update (90 minutes later): Now, the title of the page is: : Oracle Blogs!

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    Oracle is justifiably proud that it has such a large and active blogging community devoted to its technology. It’s entirely possible that there are more steps to encourage and support our community forthcoming.

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    It will also be interesting to see what happens to Will it be replaced by Or will simply be a list of links to existing Oracle bogs, with no RSS/ATOM aggregation?

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    Those of us on the OraBlogs list and not the one hope OraBlogs keeps going.