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Feed Overload

I’m a heavy user and big fan of Bloglines. I use it as my main and only news reader. In addition to the fact that it is web based – which means I can access it from my home and work computer, after their recent data center move and upgrade, their feed update has been really fast. When I publish a post on this blog, it only takes a few minutes before it appears on Bloglines. You can read why I like Bloglines here. But, this is not what this post is about.

No matter what news reader you use, you may end up with many feeds in your subscription list, 100, 200 feeds, maybe more. The question becomes how to manage this list to make your blog/news reading as effective and less time consuming as possible.

Previously I organized my subscriptions into folders. Each folder corresponded to a “topic” or “category”. For example, I placed Oracle related blogs into an Oracle folder, ColdFusion related blogs, into a ColdFusion folder, and so on. Every “topic” had its own folder.

Last weekend, after reading Top 10 tips for effective blog reading, Productivity Tips For Avid Blog Readers and Controlling RSS Overload…Animal House Style, I decided to change the organization of my feeds and the way I read them. Here is how I set up my folders in Bloglines:

  • Read Now: All the important feeds that I want to read as soon as they are published.
  • My Stuff: Feeds for this blog, OraQA, OraNA and other personal stuff like Bloglines e-mails.
  • Daily: Feeds that can wait till the end of the day to be read.
  • Weekly: Feeds that can wait till the weekend to be read.
  • Probation: Every new subscription goes into this folder for monitoring before I decide to keep it (move it to another folder) or delete it.
  • Radar: All my and Technorati search subscriptions, just to keep tab on what’s happening on the Net.

So far, it is working. In other words, I am not wasting time reading useless posts and finding more time reading useful posts.

I’m interested to know what your “RSS/ATOM” subscription/reading habit is. How do you organize your feeds? How often do you check your news reader? Do you have an advice you can share with us to make our RSS/ATOM overload more manageable?

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    I bet the voters hitting 61..80 radio button don’t know the dpolls frame is scrollable.

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    Newsgator Online with 48 Feeds Folders: Blogging, Blogs, GTD, Oracle, RSS, Tech, UK, WordPress. Just like you used to šŸ™‚ Dropped Technorati searches as they produced too much duplication (noise). Check feeds 2-3 times a day.

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    In fact, coincidentally I blogged about this very subject earlier today.

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    I’m also a fan of bloglines as I tend to move around a lot. Thanks for the tips. I think I’ll reorganise my feeds taking into account the advice mentioned.