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Free screen capture software

I often want to capture some part of my screen to an image file or the clipboard. Sure there are a lot of software that do that, but, today, I found a completely free and a very easy to use screen capture software called ScreenHunter 4.0 Free. I just thought that you might find it useful as well.

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    The app I have been using for years is MWSnap —

    Its also free and comes with other tools such as Color Picker, Screen Ruler, Zoom Tool and Window Info tool.

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    I don’t think a free tool will be powerful enough. I use Quick Screen Capture Quick Screenshot Maker from Etrusoft. I think it’s a greate tool!

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    Also I use Quick Screen Recorder to capture video from screen

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    Mike: I don’t think a free tool will be powerful enough

    Well, that depends on your needs. Sometimes a free tool is more than enough for the task at hand.

    Thanks for the links guys.

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    I am a graphics developer, so I am typically not impressed with these products, but you might also want to try Abra from Sentryworks. The product seems to be more geared towards the call center market, but it does have what seems to be the fastest screen recording engine of any product. I like it because the product records to Flash SWF. They have a cool page with demos, including a demo where they capture a quicktime movie trailer for the new mission impossible movie. The recorded SWF plays back exactly as the original MOV file plays.

    I was very skeptical, so I tried the same test. I tried the same test with other products too like Camtasia, Captivate, Quick Screen Recorder, and BB Flashback. Abra seemed to be the only product that was able to capture a lot of screen movements without any noticeable impact to the machine and CPU while keeping the playback identical to the original. It appears to come in both Free and Paid versions. I only tried the free version. The only things I didn’t like is the documentation isn’t great, it doesn’t appear to have edit functionality (at least in the free version), and the weirdest thing is the website calls the product Abra, but the about dialogs call the product “Screen Recorder”. Other than that it seems to be the best screen recording product out there.

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    Thank you.. thank you.. thank you! I have been looking for this type of software for a while. I downloaded the products mentioned here. I have found SentryWorks Abra to be the most useful free software I have ever downloaded. I am using it to monitor CSRs in my call center. Unlike the other products listed which are more for individual users, this seems to be the only product that is designed for networked environments (where one user can monitor or record other users on the network and talk to them via built in IM). The freeware product allows you to live monitor multiple employees in a split screen while simultaneously recording others. The user interface is also very slick looking.

    My only criticism is that the documentation needs improvement and I wish the free version had the ability to add audio. Other than that, this is a great piece of software!

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    I just wanted to post as well. I tried many trial versions of products before I found Abra from sentryworks (recommended from postings on this site and others). The product has everything you could ask for in a free product. The product does full screen recording to SWF, has presense detection of machines in a network, allows you to monitor machines with or without recording them, and allows you to add audio to recordings (which seems to be newly added since Gianna’s remarks). You can either add audio from a microphone, or add audio from a stored WAV file. The only thing missing is I would like also to see partial screen captures (like the active windows) instead of always fullscreen, but I suppose this is something in their paid product?

    Also, I see what Lenny is talking about. There seems to be a noticeable difference in how a machine is recorded. Abra was the only product that I tested with no performance or playback issues when recording rapid onscreen changes.

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    Another good free screen capture software ‘EasyCapture’!