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New Oracle 10g Book Center

I have just noticed that OTN has now an Oracle 10g Book Center. The page lists Oracle books from Oracle Press, Apress, Elsevier Digital Press, O’Reilly & Associates, Prentice Hall Professional Technical Reference, Rampant, TechPress and Sams Publishing.

Each book has a direct link to and most of them have sample chapters for you to download. There is also a single page to download all sample book chapters.

Check out the Oracle 10g Book Center on OTN.

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Reader's Comments

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    I note that they don’t list Feuerstein’s Oracle PL/SQL Programming in the O’Reilly section. Maybe they figure everybody in the world’s got that one already.

    Cheers, APC

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    It’s not like they are punishing Setven for writing about MySQL 🙂 because they already list a couple of his books there. Oracle PL/SQL Programming, 4th Edition does cover Oracle 10g, so I wonder why it is not listed!

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    here is the list of free oracle ebook pdf for more..

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