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Fan emails

A couple of people recently used the contact form on my blog and sent me the following two e-mails:

Please help me where i can get the software for downloading oracle Software in…

Also please suggest me which software is best suited .i mean the correct URL so that i can easily Download it.I m going to pursue my Oracle Certification soon .so for practise purpose i need that software..please help me in this regard

Please do reply

But wait, the next one is even better:

Dear Oracle,

I would like to use your products:
Oracle 10g; and Oracle JDeveloper 10; and Oracle SQL Developer

I wonder whether you could ship me CDs free of charges for learning. (I’m living in Vietnam)

I’m looking forward to your help,
Thanks in advance,


Wow! my name is “Oracle” and I ship CDs all over the world for free. Sweet! And since I am the “Oracle”, I can correctly guess the shipping address too.

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Reader's Comments

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    If you can’t figure out where/how to download Oracle, then you have no hope of passing a certification exam. Or of finding your way out of the rain, for that matter.

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    I’m jealous, the emails I get from “Fans” give me discounts on medical drugs and tempt me to leave my fiance for other local women

    BTW, can you ship me a copy of Oracle 25X (I figure that’ll be the release name in 15 years), since you are the company 😀


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    Agreed, the best part of this is that the person isn’t even TRYING to go to Oracle and download the software! I mean come on…like Rob said, if you can’t find the download button on Oracle’s web site…wow, just stop, save yourself a lot of pain, and consider other career options.

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    I have a strong feeling that these two “Oracle learners” are simply spammers. But, that’s the first time I get such “dumb” spam e-mails! Or maybe they think I am the dumb one.

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    Hi i do not believe these are spam mails. The first mail could be a true one because not many oracle technologist are as internet based as we are. For example in germany i do know only a couple of oracle bloggers 2 or 3! But the oracle community is very large there.

    The second mail could be a true one too. I am not sure if a vietnames oracle technologist has the possiblilties to download software made in america if he has no metalink access.

    Greetings Karl

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    Yes it is remarkable what humans write into our subscription forms, too. Some want the world for a penny or a promise.