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Weekend Spam Harvest

Here is my blog’s spam harvest for the weekend:

My blog spam

Most of the spam comments start with:

  • Very good site. Thanks for author!
  • Your site is very cognitive. I think you will have good future.
  • Great website! Bookmarked! I am impressed at your work!
  • HI! I love this place!

And then followed by tens of links to you know what…

What have I done to deserve such love from spammers? 🙁 I’m sure I’m not alone.

Thank you Akismet.

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Reader's Comments

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    Hi Eddie, used Askimet too! it keeps you from maintaining all the needless stuff! a reallay great plugin. i needed first registered at and then i goth the id!

    Greetings Karl

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    you might look at Expression Engine.. it has some fine blacklist capabilities. I normally get 1 or 2 spams on my blog per week that have to be cleaned off.

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    Akismet is an essential WordPress plugin. An alternative or an addition to Akismet is Spam Karma. But I have found that Akismet alone is able to catch 99.99% of spam, so no need for another WP spam plugin.

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    Nice site.

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    I like the format your site has, I was wondering what theme you’re using or if you made your own. I commented with a nice site before and your site thought it was spam.. ha

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    I use the simplr theme.