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Oracle to buy the Israeli company Demantra for $41 million cash

You probably know by now that Oracle has just announced that it will expand its supply chain planning applications with the acquisition of Demantra, a leading provider of demand-driven planning solutions. Oracle has set up a special web page containing more information about this acquisition. Based on this RedHerring article, Oracle will pay $41 million in cash for the Israeli company Demantra.

What’s interesting is that the Oracle press release does not mention that Demantra is an Israeli company, and it does not mention how much Oracle is paying for the company. In fact the press release states that “financial details were not disclosed”.

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Reader's Comments

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    I’ve been told that a demantra database is not an Oracle database. What kind of database is it? Where would I find this out?


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    What sort of training is available to optimize a demantra database?

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    After an initial installation we found our data was incomplete. We want to clear our previously loaded data and reload with verified data. How do we clear out previously loaded demantra data?

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    Oracle offers a demantra fundamentals class. Is there any other training offered on demantra, more along the systems administration, dba line?

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    I suggest you ask your questions in the Oracle Forums.

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