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Useful Firefox Extension: ConQuery

If you use Firefox and have the Oracle Firefox search plugins installed, you know that you can easily search the Oracle documentation by typing your search terms in the search box up in the top right corner of your Firefox browser.

You can get to the search box by hitting Ctrl+K or just clicking your mouse inside the search box.

I have recently discovered a handy Firefox extension that allows you to interact with the search box in a different way. The extension is called ConQuery which stands for “Context sensitive web Query”.

ConQuery puts your regular searches to the context menu and allows you to search for selected text.

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If no text is selected, ConQuery acts as a list of shortcuts to the search engines, allowing you to enter search terms manually.

Whenever you want to correct the content of the selected text, you may hold the Ctrl key while executing a search and ConQuery will bring you the configuration dialog for that engine. Edit the text and press OK to proceed, or Cancel to interrupt the query.

The Oracle Docs Firefox Extension has a similar functionality when you right click on a highlighted text on a web page.

One of the benefits of using Firefox is the availability of many useful extensions that can make your browser a more useful tool.

By the way, Firefox extensions will be re-named Add-ons in the next version of Firefox (2.0).

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    Thanks Eddie! I am amazed by Oracle Doc Plugin! 🙂

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    You’re Welcome! I am amazed by what you can do with Firefox extensions. For example, Google just released a new extension called the Google Browser Sync that continuously synchronizes your browser settings – including bookmarks, history, persistent cookies, and saved passwords – across your computers.