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Oracle is Female Oriented, Adobe is Male Oriented

According to Microsoft’s new adCenter Labs Demographics Prediction tool that enables you to “predict a customer’s age, gender, and other demographic information”, is female oriented with following confidence: 64% female and 36% male.


In contrast, is male oriented with following confidence: 40% female and 60% male.


As for my blog, it’s dominated by males.


Of course, Microsoft made sure to add the following at the bottom of its demographics prediction page:

The statistics on this page are based on undisclosed size of sample data and are for proof of concept only. Actual results may vary.

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Reader's Comments

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    Did you see a link there for methodology, so that we can tell how they’re making their judgment, rather than just what their judgment is?

    (I would’ve guessed one of those were Year of the Horse, myself…. 😉


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    No link, just a statetment that the statistics are based on undisclosed size of sample data.