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Search Oracle Documentation Google Style

Last month, Oracle removed the authentication requirement from its documentation libraries. Since then, OTN membership is no longer required for accessing the Oracle documentation.

Yesterday, Justin announced that a new way for searching the documentation has just gone live.

For example, to see the new Oracle Docs search in action, here is the search result for “merge”.

Check it out at

To make searching easier:

  • For Firefox users: Install the new Oracle Docs (SES) search plugin.
  • For IE users: Add the new Oracle Docs (SES) custom button to your Google toolbar.

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Reader's Comments

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    Ehm, check . Oracle still hate their users/customers. Just in a slightly different way.

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    Anders, these exclusions will be removed shortly, when testing is complete. So cynical!

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    Thanks for pointing out the link to robots.txt, however, your usage of the word “hate” is totally unprofessional. Indeed very cynical.

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    is see no problem accessing oracle documentation content; Registering OTN was always free; The google like search is great!!

    The interesting question beside is will Oracle buy Google or Google buy Oracle? i’m waiting for GoogleBase 1.0 😉