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Oracle SQL Developer 1.1 New Features

Sue mentioned two SQL Developer 1.1 new features today. 1) Sort on column headers, available on any grid of data. 2) Display a single record on a form layout. Cool.

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    Cool? Quest Toad has had this since their freeware days — Give it time and SQL Developer will become the defacto standard, until then its just playing catch-up.

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    I dedicate this “Cool” to all the people who do not have TOAD.

    I personally use Quest SQL Navigator, however, I am monitoring Oracle SQL Developer very closely.

    SQL Developer version 1.1 looks very promising.

    We are a big Oracle shop so, for us, switching to Oracle SQL Developer may be just a matter of time.

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    For our pure developers we have been pushing sql-developer — for sure! Can’t beat the price.

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    As an avid JDeveloper fan, I am looking forward to when SQL Developer will be integrated with JDeveloper. Well that is not to say the new features in SQL Developer aren’t worthwhile! 😉

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    I see blank cell(row) when I try Select 0.4324 from Dual. How to display numbers that are less than 1 in Oracle SQL Developer?

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    Dana, I could not duplicate your problem. I have SQL Developer installed. I suggest you post your question on the SQL Developer forum at: