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The Unofficial Oracle Developer/DBA Salary Survey

Do you want to know if you should ask your boss for a raise? Do you want to confidently negotiate a higher salary? Do you want to know if Oracle certified developers or DBAs make more money than non-certified? Are you curious to know how much other Oracle developers and DBAs make?

If you answered yes (or even no) to any of the questions above, I invite you to complete the unofficial Oracle developer/DBA salary survey. Survey responses are anonymous.

After the survey expires (in one week), I will publish the responses (with all types of statistics) here on my blog. Stay tuned.

To participate in this short survey, please go to:

(ColdFusion developer salary survey)

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Reader's Comments

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    “Annual salary (in $US Dollars):” – maybe you should at least add “gross” or “net”; still it’d probably be difficult to compare across countries …

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    This is by no means an official all encompassing survey. Nevertheless, I believe that the survey results will be very interesting and useful no matter where you are.

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    This will be enlightening. I hope you get a sample group large enough to make the results meaningful. I mentioned this is this week’s Log Buffer.

    Cheers, Dave.

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    Thanks Dave for mentioning this in your “Log Buffer”, a very nice weekly blog round up. So far, there are more than 80 survey submissions, and counting…