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Oracle Magazine Now Fully Digitized

It looks like Oracle is using Texterity, a provider of services for the creation of digital editions of magazines, to publish Oracle Magazine in a digital format over the Web, more precisely in the Published Web Format (PWF).

I have not read or heard of an official announcement from Oracle about Oracle Magazine now being available in PWF. This must have started recently, judging from the archives available in this format which goes back only to the July-August 2006 issue of the magazine.

Check it out at, but be aware that the web site is not Firefox friendly. The navigation links such as Contents, Search, Archives and others work only in Internet Explorer.

Click for a larger image

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Reader's Comments

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    The “Joel on Software” blog recently higlighted a neat Firefox plugin (IETab) that uses the Internet Explorer ActiveX control to open certain websites in Firefox using Internet Explorer.

    Using this Firefox extension I am able to use the navigation links for the Oracle Magazine web site.

    Ciao Daniel

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    Yes, I have used the IE Tab Firefox add-on and found it to be very handy if you do not like to open IE in a new window.