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Google, Googlism and Emoticons

Here are three interesting and fun things I have recently stumbled on:

Google sets:

Google sets is a Google Labs product that automatically creates sets of words from a few keywords. You enter a few keywords from a set of things, and then press “Large Set” or “Small Set” and Google tries to predict similar keywords in the set. For example:


Googlism was created as a fun tool to see what Google “thinks” of certain topics and people. To try it out, I entered my name and got this back: “Sorry, Google doesn’t know enough about eddie awad yet.” Oh well, I’m not famous yet. But when you search for “Tom Kyte”, you get:

  • tom kyte is the vice president
  • tom kyte is a columnist with oracle magazine and is the tom behind the asktom website
  • tom kyte is the author of expert one
  • tom kyte is of a rare breed
  • tom kyte is that rare individual a true technical expert who can communicate clearly and effectively
  • tom kyte is among the most knowledgeable professionals in the industry
  • tom kyte is the respected oracle guru known for his question and answer site
  • tom kyte is also the host of an online forum
  • tom kyte is correct
  • tom kyte is smart
  • tom kyte is an oracle guru
  • tom kyte is that rare individual a true technical expert who can communicate
  • tom kyte is usually right on the money
  • tom kyte is an oracle professional who works with the oracle services industry technology group in reston virginia usa

Emoticons search

Yesterday, introduced the emoticons (aka smileys) and instant messaging shorthand search by simply typing the smiley or the shorthand into the search box. For example:

Now, if you get an email with all this Internet jargon, you know where to go to look it up.

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    You missed WTF. LOL :O)

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    And here are more interesting acronyms.