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Why I Switched to a Full-Text Feed

After reading “Why I’ m asking for full-text RSS feeds” by Constantin Basturea, and “Only Generous Bloggers Influence” by Steve Rubel, I have decided to publish my blog’s feed as a full text instead of just a summary.

As a blogger, why wouldn’t you publish a full-text feed? I can think of the following reasons:

  1. Increase page views on your blog by forcing your readers to click on yet another link to read your post.
  2. Increase advertisement click through on your blog (if you monetize your blog using Google AdSense for example).
  3. Have more accurate information about your blog’s readership.
  4. Protect your content from plagiarism.

I switched to a full-text feed because:

  1. I want my content to be easily accessible and read by as many people as possible with minimum number of clicks and on maximum number of devices, like PDAs and cell phones.
  2. Even though I have Google AdSense on my blog, most, if not all, of the click through is generated by people landing on my blog via search engines.
  3. Thanks to Feedburner, I know how many feed subscribers I have. In fact, I show the number of subscribers on the sidebar of my blog.
  4. Publishing a summary or a full-text feed has very little to do with plagiarism. With web scraping and online services like Dapper (which is really cool by the way), your content can be plagiarized whether it is on your blog’s HTML web page or in your feed’s XML content. Moreover, using Feedburner, I can add a copyright notice and a creative commons license to the feed.

So, fellow bloggers, why don’t you unleash your full-text feeds?

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    If you are interested in being able to demonstrate that you are the originator of your content, you should look at a Numly number

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    I will definitely take a look at Numly. Thanks for the link Gary.