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Oracle PL/SQL Guru Steven Feuerstein Wants to Meet With President Bush

Steven Feuerstein, the Oracle PL/SQL guru and author of many PL/SQL books, has a goal: to meet with president Bush. To that end, Steven has started a new blog titled: “Meet with Me, Mr. President!”. He describes his new blog as one that:

will chronicle my efforts to meet with President Bush, to take his measure as a man and human being. I encourage others to follow my path and request such a meeting!

On August 08, 2006, Steven faxed a letter to the White House scheduling office asking to meet with the president. Here is an excerpt from the letter:

… If I had nothing to go by except for the newspapers, television and blogs, I would have to conclude that you are very friendly, but not very intelligent. People make fun of the way you talk, and your command of the English language. They say that you are a puppet pulled by Vice President Dick Cheney’s strings. They say you would rather take another vacation with your dog than actually buckle down to the tough business of running the wealthiest, most powerful country in the world….I would like to meet with you so that I can experience first-hand your intelligence, compassion, sense of humor, and leadership…

Good luck Steven! I will be following your journey to the White House.

Check out Steven’s new blog at

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Reader's Comments

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    go on Steve and check out what is real ans waht not! Karl

  2. |

    Feurstein has always been whacky. Now he’s getting whacko.

  3. |

    I never thought I’d say this, but for once I find myself sympathising with Mr Bush.

  4. |

    I have never known a technical expert as explicit and public in his/her political views as Steven. I guess pure technical (geek) people can also have political views as strong as their technical expertise 🙂

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    Totally aggree with Eddie, Steven was always hot in the politic things too – specially when he felt the need to fight against unrighteousness;

    Karl Germany

  6. |

    Two thoughts…

    First, from a 16 year old this would be cute. From a college student interested in politics it would be aggressive and interesting. From a relative of a soldier killed in Iraq it would be mawkish. From a grown adult with no such claim on the president’s time it’s just self centered and pathetic.

    Second, I keep my politics and my work separate and I think Steve should as well. He wants to have his site, fine. But he shouldn’t be publicizing his political grandstanding in a way that links back to him. Only my closest friends at work know my politics.

  7. |

    Looks like Ken and Michael have said it all.

    My issue is that Mr. Feuerstein is completely insincere. I think it is obvious that he views President Bush with contempt, and considers this merely an opportunity to promote and vindicate that contempt. It is not a genuine desire to neither confirm nor verify what the media says about the President.

    That being said, I believe most adults know that the image we get from the media is an embellishment of a politician’s true character. If Mr. Feuerstein puts that much stock in what the media tells him, I’ve got a bridge in Brooklyn to sell.

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    I would like to second what Michael said about keeping politics and work separate. In fact, I would even go further to say that I also keep my personal (including politics) and work life separate. However, I do have coworkers who have the picture of George Bush on their desk, and others who are die hard Democrats.