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Oracle OpenWorld 2006 Pre-Buzz

Oracle OpenWorld 2006 (OOW06) has not started yet. But, the blogsphere has already started buzzing around this big event. To give you a taste of this buzz, here is a list of a few links to OOW06 related blogs posted within the last few weeks (in no specific order):

I am sure there will be more blogging and buzzing going on before, during and after OOW06 starts on October 22nd. Stay tuned.

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    Hi, I have been reading your blog for some time now. Its reall kool Congrats.But lately you have started loading it a bit much more with a few time gives me problem.Still i think iis one of the best oracle blogs around.Kudos!! I have a question though i was reading your post on , do you have any idea how to list your blog there?


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    Thanks Ian.

    loading it a bit much more

    loading it with what?

    gives me problem

    What type of problem?

    do you have any idea how to list your blog there?

    I’m afraid I don’t.

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    I am able to see very limited graphics, some of the pics are not displaying here at all eg your post regarding couple of pictures

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    Humm! It looks fine on my end. I suspect it has something to do with your ISP, firewall or computer setting.