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Oracle News Aggregator Flooded

If you use OraNA to stay current on the lastest Oracle news and blogs, you may have noticed that the aggregator was flooded by a bunch of past posts from a few Blogger’s blogspot blogs. This is because OraNA is based on Google Reader. Google Reader re-publishes updated feeds, which means that if an item in the feed changes, it will be marked as new. So, I suspect that something has changed on these few blogs marking their feeds as updated. As a result, the posts were picked up by Google Reader (and ultimately, OraNA) as new. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Reader's Comments

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    I think the reason is that users are switching to blogger Beta. And posts id’s are changing.

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    PaweÅ‚, I believe you’re right. As per Mihai Parparita, a Google Reader engineer, Blogger ( blogs have recently changed item IDs, which caused everything to appear as new in Google Reader.