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Oracle OpenWorld 2006 – Bye Bye

I am back home. I left San Francisco yesterday evening. I am very impressed with Oracle OpenWorld. It was the largest concentration of Oracle and Oracle related professionals ever. All of the sessions and keynotes I attended were very good and useful. It was also very nice meeting many fellow bloggers and Oracle gurus in person.

Here is a link to most of the blog posts and news about this year’s conference and also my last OOW short video:

Now, back to my pre-OOW activities…

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Reader's Comments

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    Nice Eddy! Keep up the good work.

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    It was a pleasure to meet up with you Eddie, see you again same time next year maybe (once my feet have recovered from all the walking!).

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    Eddie – Thanks for all the posts from Oracle World. Much appreciated. The video blog was a great innovation and worked really well. It really gave me a much better feel for the sheer size of the conference.

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    Thanks John, It was also my pleasure to meet you. Hopefully you’re “back on your feet” now 🙂

    Thanks Ronald and Andy. After testing out video blogging at Oracle OpenWorld, I found out that it was not that hard to “produce” a video once you got used to the process: shoot, edit and publish. However, it still requires more time and effort than “normal” blogging.

    I plan to video blog a few times a month. So, if you have some ideas about what types of video blogs you would like to see, please let me know.