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A Sneak Preview of The New OTN Special Edition Web Site

Back in early October, Justin blogged about a new project called “OTN, Special Edition”. He also mentioned that it might be called “MyOTN – Beta Edition”.

…Imagine a completely RSS-based version of OTN that allows you to filter your view based on tag (topic) or contributor, for Website content as well as discussion forum threads… Think of it as an “interactive” search process, with the relevant keywords being supplied to you, instead of the other way around.

That’s how Justin described the new project. As a teaser, he posted three low resolution screenshots and did not provide a link to the new OTN site.

Well, I was lucky enough to stumble upon the “OTN, Special Edition” demo URL. I will not publish the URL because it is not hosted on and it will most likely change when OTN goes public with its Special Edition. But, I have recorded a screencast of the new OTN site. I have also taken a few high resolution screenshots. All I can say is that it is really cool.

otnse-sshot-0.png otnse-sshot-1.png otnse-sshot-11.png otnse-sshot-3.png otnse-sshot-4.png

Click on a thumbnail to view a larger size screenshot

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Reader's Comments

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    Notice how Oracle is more concerned about representing old material then it is presenting new material. Look at and and now otn. Nothing new in months just re-hashes of old works. Bring on new content!

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    another example of changing something which doesn’t need to be changed – making it harder to find anything and nothing actually new!

    Whats wrong with the current setup which is easy to use and navigate

    progress?? waste of time, just developers who get bored and dont have real work to do (like producing new content and fixing what is broken in all of ther products)