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Ubuntu on Microsoft Virtual PC Works Like a Charm

I have installed and been using Windows Vista Ultimate on my laptop for a few weeks. I have had no major problems with Vista. In fact, I like it.

However, this post is not about Windows Vista. I just want to share with you my success in running Ubuntu as a guest OS on Vista. No, I did not use VMware. I used (the free) Microsoft Virtual PC 2007. I also successfully installed Oracle Database 10g Express Edition on Ubuntu.

The following pages were very helpful:

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Reader's Comments

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    do you really need to make every second word a link, so annoying and totally unncessary

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    Howard, good point and I apologize if I made you feel annoyed.

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    Any reason why you would believe this wouldn’t work? I haven’t find issues with any x86 OS on any of the virtual machine software (Virtual PC for Mac or Windows, Virtual Server, or VMWare).

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    Tom, I have not tried this combo before: Vista + Virtual PC 2007 + Ubuntu. When I googled for this combo, I found a few people having problems with it. Being a geek, I have decided to try it out myself, especially that it does not cost a thing.

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    Oh I see; After I read my earlier post, I apologize if it came off the wrong way. I knew there had to be a reason for the test, but I wasn’t seeing it. I haven’t tried Vista, and not planning to in the near future.

    Were the problems you read about due to Vista + VPC or VPC + Ubuntu or a combo of all 3?

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    Tom, no need to apologize, it did not come off the wrong way. It’s mostly Ubuntu on VPC (Graphics problem).

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    I’m imagining that on a dual-head graphics card you could have Windows use one monitor and Linux the other. Is this feasible? Then you could use Synergy to move smoothly between them!

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    Thanks for the link Eddie. Also be aware I now have a step by step for Ubuntu 6.10 and VPC 2007

    I also have a step by step for openSUSE should anyone wish to try a different flavor of Linux.


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    OK, I loaded Virtual PC 2007 on Vista, downloaded and captured the Ubuntu 6.10 iso but have not been able to advance the install progress bar beyond a certain point after three tries. Tips/tricks/suggestions?


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    If you downloaded the standard 6.10 ISO, you’ll have some major problems, I could never get it to install either. However, there’s an alternate installer you can use to get 6.10 up and working. See my blog post for full details.


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    Just following up to make myself clear, if you are seeing the splash screen, you have the wrong ISO.

    You need the alternate installer ISO, the text based one that does not have the splash screen you show. Again, see my post that describes where to get the alternate installer from.


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    To the first commenter: Take deeper breaths.

    It’s a fairly small post. I for one applaud and appreciate that he actually took the time to add the links – it saved me the time of searching for any of the pages myself.

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    I have successfully installed Ubuntu on MS Virtual Machine. However, how do I actually get the active cursor/mouse to start navigating on it?

    I also installed FC6 on another virtual machine and the key strokes I use are ctrl x alt but this does not work with Ubuntu

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    When you installed Ubuntu, did you have any issues at all?

    I tried to install 6.10 Ubuntu on VPC 2007 (on Win XP Pro though, not Vista as in your case) but I couldn’t get the mouse to emulate on Ubuntu at all.

    There is the exact same issue with 7.04 Ubuntu and a workaround on this forum but I haven’t tried the 7.04 version on mine yet.

    Have you run into any problems like this before? Apparently it’s a kernal bug but I’m no programmer so I don’t wanna mess with things 🙂

    Let me know if you have any ideas.

    Thanks, Robert.

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    Sorry about the BBCode, didn’t realise that WordPress doesn’t support it, the link is here

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    If you don’t mind me asking, how much RAM do you have in your laptop for vista to run smoothly???

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    I have the same set up…Vista+Ubuntu/Kubuntu. You only need 256 k but i recommend 512k to make it smoother. Also, as far as i know VPC by default emulates a PS2 mouse. and I think only version 6.06 Dapper supports it. When i attempted 7.10 it required a workaround to click the install icon on the desktop. This is why i had to use 6.06. Hope this helps

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    As you done, I also successfully installed Oracle Database 10g Express Edition on Ubuntu