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Rules of Thumb Wiki

I stumbled upon the Business Rules of Thumb Wiki via Seth Godin blog. For example:

  • In a negotiation, he who cares less, wins. – Anonymous
  • Simple and inexpensive beats complicated and expensive. – Rod Elder
  • The best way to find good ideas is to let people tell you what the good ideas are. – Niel Robertson
  • In public speaking, start by telling them what you’re going to tell them. Then tell them. Finally, tell them what you’ve already told them. – Lee Iacocca

Now, how about an “Oracle Rules of Thumb Wiki”? We’ll start with what the Oracle bloggers and the Oracle related websites have said about this topic.

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    good ones eddie…..


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    Thanks for sharing some useful info for Oracle.

    I’m still kind of beginner for this huge DB.

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    Thanks for your sharing & Info.

    Looking forward to another tips from you