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Oracle Database Listener Security Guide

Integrigy has just published an updated version of the white paper on the Oracle database listener security.

From the introduction:

The Oracle Database Listener is the database server software component that manages the network traffic between the Oracle Database and the client. The Oracle Database Listener listens on a specific network port (default 1521) and forwards network connections to the Database. The Listener is comprised of two binaries: (1) tnslsnr which is the Listener itself and (2) the Listener Control Utility (lsnrctl) which is used to administer the Listener on the server or remotely.

Through our security assessments, Integrigy has consistently identified poor Oracle Database Listener security as a significant security risk. The majority of Oracle Database Listeners are not properly secured as recommended by Oracle and security experts. Fortunately in Oracle 10g, the default Listener configuration is much more secure.

The information contained in this paper is not new, is not obscure. It may not be well known to many Oracle DBAs, but is well known to security experts and hackers. This paper will outline the vulnerabilities in the Oracle Database Listener and provide recommendations for properly securing it. Providing minimal security for the Oracle Database Listener is simple and should be done for all Oracle installations – development, test and production.

Here is a link to the full document.

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