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5 Links from Around the Web (2007-04-07)

  • Google Voice Local Search is Google’s experimental service to make local-business search accessible over the phone.
    (tags: phone google)
  • JUG is a pure java UUID generator, that can be used either as a component in a bigger application, or as a standalone command line tool.
  • If you’re even an occasional XML programmer, and you don’t yet use XPath, you have an opportunity to multiply the performance and maintainability of your applications. This article details a few specific examples that demonstrate what a difference query m
    (tags: xpath xml)
  • LobShooter for Oracle (oraload) is a utility to easily up- and download Lob-Files to and from an Oracle database.
    (tags: lob oracle)
  • I’ve read recently that geeks make better lovers because they are so unaccustomed to romance that they will do anything for their mates. Also because geeks don’t have the social skills to cheat.
    (tags: fun geek)

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