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5 Recent Oracle Security Related Documents

  1. Oracle Applications 11i Encrypted Password String Disclosure (PDF): An undisclosed security vulnerability exists in Oracle Applications 11i that may allow an unauthenticated, internal attacker to obtain Oracle Applications’ user account encrypted password strings, which in turn can be decrypted using previously published information. An attacker can potentially obtain either any user’s password or the Oracle Applications’ main database account password (APPS).

  2. Building an Audit Trail in an Oracle Applications Environment (PDF): Sarbanes-Oxley’s section 404 requires a company’s key systems be audited. However, many companies have “unauditable” systems and don’t even know it. This paper explores methods by which companies can create an auditable system by implementing various levels of audit trails in Oracle Applications.

  3. Dissecting the Redo Logs (PDF): This paper delves into the guts of the undocumented binary format of the redo logs and shows the forensics examiner, if there is evidence to be found, how to find it and how it can be integrated into a time line of events. It also explores how an attacker can attempt to cover their tracks and how to spot this.

  4. Locating dropped objects (PDF): This paper shows, even when an object has been dropped and purged from the system there will be, in the vast majority of cases, fragments left “lying around” which can be sewn together to build an accurate picture of what the actions the attacker took. Perhaps, depending upon how quickly an investigation takes place from the incident in question, even all data pertaining to the dropped object or objects may still be found.

  5. Isolating Evidence of Attacks Against the Authentication Mechanism (PDF): This paper looks at attacks against the authentication mechanism and evidence to check whether a logon attempt was successful or not. It also looks at other attacks leveled at the authentication process including SID guessing, user enumeration and brute forcing of passwords over the network. Moreover, the paper looks at the differences between a logon attempt via the FTP and Web services provided with the XML Database and directly with the RDBMS itself.

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