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Top Oracle Blogs Ranked by Technorati Authority

Recently, Technorati introduced the Technorati Authority. It is the number of blogs (not links) linking to a website in the last six months. The higher the number, the more Technorati Authority the blog has.

In addition to Authority, there is also the Technorati Rank. It is calculated based on how far you are from the top. The blog with the hightest Technorati Authority is the #1 ranked blog. The smaller your Technorati Rank, the closer you are to the top.

So, who is currently the most authoritative blogger in the Oracle blogosphere? To answer this question, which somehow I had a feeling to who that would be, I have compiled a list of blogs that are aggregated by and that have a Technorati Authority of 2 or more. I then sorted the list by Technorati Authority in a descending order.

Obviously, blogs that are not aggregated by or that do not have an authority yet are not included in the list. Without further ado, here is the list:

Note: The Technorati Authority and Rank numbers are not constants, they are dynamic by definition. The best way to increase your Authority is to write things that are interesting to other bloggers so they’ll link to you.

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Reader's Comments

  1. |

    How does one get his/her blog added to the OraNA collective?

  2. |

    Don, just ask.

  3. |

    Hi Eddie,

    Nice place… 13th!

    My blog didn’t get authoritied yet (for a long time) bu I don’t know why…


  4. |

    Dimitri, I was also surprised why Technorati has not assigned an “authority” to your excellent blog.

  5. |

    Interesting list, Eddie. Thanks for compiling it. I think that there are a large number of blogs that don’t register with Technorati, which means that any indices driven by their statistics may understate real “authority” (whatever that means).

    Nonetheless, keep up the good work. Always something interesting or fun to read here.

    Regards, Steven Chan, Oracle

  6. |

    Steven, I think you’re right. a great example of a missing “authority” (as of today) is Dimitri’s blog. I have found the following three FAQs helpful in understanding how Technorati indexing works:

    Thanks for your encouragement and I’m glad that you find interesting or fun things to read here ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. |

    Not a surprise as to who’s top but would have expected JLewis to be a close second.

    Some surprises there as I would have thought there are others who should be higher but then I realize that my scope in reading blogs is limited to Oracle Tech Stack but not to their programming tech.

  8. |

    I don’t really know what the old Technorati system was and don’t precisely understand how the new system differs or whether it is better.

    However, if it results in placing my humble blog at joint 20th in this illustrious company, then my life is complete ๐Ÿ™‚


  9. |

    I already requested to include Please let met know if it’s already added to the aggregator.

  10. |

    Stupid question alert: Eddie, how did you create that spreadsheet? I’m asking because I would like to see the same information for SQL Server bloggers.

  11. |

    Andy, I got the list of all the Oracle bloggers aggregated by, imported it into Google spreadsheet, queried the Technorati authority and rank for each bog, sorted and published the result here using the embed feature of Google spreadsheet.

  12. |

    Hi Eddie,

    My Blog finally got authorized by Technorati. I’m not doing to bad ๐Ÿ˜‰


  13. |

    Dimitri, it’s about time. An authority of 27 is not bad at all. Keep up the good blogging and the links flowing (and the authority growing).

  14. |

    My blog @ has Technorati Authority of 18 and agreggated by but it’s not in the list. Are you going to update the list?

  15. |

    Mark, I’m not going to update the list as it is a full time job to keep the list up to date. I may however publish an updated list in the future.

  16. |

    Thanks Eddie! I’m looking forward for the updated list =)

  17. |

    G’day Eddie

    If you’d like a hand updating the list I’ll be happy to help you in the near future. I’m currently blocked out till mid August, so what say we schedule a date in then, divide the work by two and go through the entire list then?



  18. |

    Chris, thanks for your offer to help. I will contact you offline (by email) to see how we can collaborate together.

  19. |

    Interesting list. BUt what about the blogs which are not registered here.

    Nonetheless, good work.