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The Easy Way to Generate an RSS Feed from Your Forum Posts

I stumbled upon Paul Gallagher’s blog from the OTN TechBlog. Paul created a Perl script that scrapes the HTML of an Oracle forum user profile web page and generates an RSS feed from that user’s most recent posts.

When I saw “HTML scraping” I immediately thought of Dapper. I have used Dapper before to generate a feed for only new questions posted on AskTom.

It took me just 5 minutes to create a new Dapper application that takes an Oracle forum user ID as an input and generates an RSS feed for the most recent posts from that user as output, without writing a single line of code (I’m lazy). You can get the user id from the user’s profile page. For example here is the feed for user ID 66 (Justin Cave):…variableArg_0=66

Just change 66 to the user ID of your choice to generate a feed for this user.

In addition to RSS, Dapper allows you to transform the data to other formats such as XML, Google Gadgets, Netvibes Modules, PageFlake, Google Maps, Email, CSV, JSON… But most interesting is a Flash widget that you can create and put on your blog or website:

 Add to your site powered by Dapper 

Cool! Check out the OraForumsByAuthor dapper homepage.

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Reader's Comments

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    Very cool. And I don’t even have to change the user ID!

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    Nice article! Have you tried Feedity ( )? IMHO, its much simpler and flexible for webpage to RSS generation.

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    This looks neat, but is there a way I can set it up to list the post for each user and then display the newest 10?

    I have this forum ( and it doesn’t have a new posts page.

    I want to make a table to display the 10 newest posts on my website.

    and do I have to use flash to display it?

    if you could e-mail me and let me know I’d really appreciate it